DEBAEQUE  Venture Capital

Debaeque is an independent investment company headquartered in Barcelona. Since 2001 we have invested in South-European companies with global products and competing in businesses where we have an expertise or knowledge.

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with the resources, experience and team work to grow early-stage companies into great businesses

We are not generalists but experts:

each partner is an expert in his or her sector of activity,
our team covers a wide range of knowledge that goes from basic research to distribution networks.

We are focused:

we only invest in businesses we can understand and where we have knowledge and experience.

We are independent:

we manage our own funds.
It is up to us to make the right decisions, help businesses grow, and find opportunities to enhance the value of our investments.

We are active partners:

by virtue of our equity investments, we not only sit on the boards of the companies that we finance, but at the early stage we have a huge involvement , we help to find the right people to pursue the companies growing.

We are risk takers:

our skill in finding the right investments determining the level of return of the funds that we manage and our level of profit-sharing.