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Oasyssoft announces double digit growth
Barcelona, Spain, January 29th, 2009.-

Oasyssoft, a software company that develops the eBD solution, an Integrated Development Environment for the development and publication of web sites and Web applications, today announced its 2008 annual results.

The company Oasyssoft, announced annual revenues for 2008 of 4,4 M, up a 100%, and annual earnings of 0,5 M , up over a 100%, when compared to 2007.

About Oasyssoft
Oasyssoft is a company founded in Barcelona in 1997, that provides a content management and web development solution called eBusiness Designer (eBD). eBD is a powerful development platform for developing and managing Web pages, portals, extranets or intranets and easily maintain internet/intranet/extranet websites and web applications. The eBD solution is currently used in more of 4,000 websites and 50 countries. The company has its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.

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