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DEBAEQUE has acquired a 10% stake in BuyVip
Barcelona, Spain, November 11th, 2009.-

DEBAEQUE has structured a deal to acquire a 10% stake in BuyVIP for an undisclosed amount. BuyVIP is the leading European private buyers’ club with more than 600 brand relationships across the region and a on online community of more than 4.5 million members.

Gustavo Garcia Brusilovsky, the CEO of BuyVIP said “We welcome Debaeque on board, which expertise will be helpful. With their know-how helping to guide our vision, BuyVIP is poised to enter the next phase of its growth and development."

“Being part of BuyVIP one of the fastest European ecommerce company, strength our position in that segment. We are really pleased to be part of this exciting venture” said Patrick Raibaut, founding Partner at Debaeque Venture Capital.

Private buying clubs are showing tremendous growth in many European countries as fashion-conscious consumers are flocking to the web to save both time and money by participating in short duration sales. As a result, the online channel is becoming an integral part of many brands’ international distribution strategy. The overall European market opportunity is estimated to exceed €1 billion in 2009.

BuyVIP is the leading European private buyers’ club with more than 600 brand relationships across the region. With an online community of more than 4.5 million members and operations in Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Portugal, the company offers a unique and efficient direct marketing channel to its brand partners.

The company operates an online marketplace which invites its members to private sale events, offering discounts of between 30 to 70% on branded goods that are either end-of-line or not available through retail outlets. Products are sourced from leading brand partners in each of its markets. BuyVIP already has effective operations in six European countries.

Products are sourced directly from leading brand partners in each of its operating markets.

About BuyVIP
BuyVIP is an exclusive, invitation-only online destination where invited members discover premier brands in time limited campaigns. Products are either end of season or are not yet available thus making BuyVIP a unique platform for great deals usually 30-70% off the original retail price.

With more than 4.5 million members and more than 10 new sales campaigns every day, throughout Europe, BuyVIP is a leader in the private sales segment. Partner brands include companies such as Calvin Klein, Ed Hardy, Diesel, Adidas, Puma, Nudie, Gucci or Fendi. Investors include Kennet, Bertelsmann Active Capital Partners and Cipio Partners.

The company was founded in 2006 simultaneously in Spain and Germany by a two serial entrepreneurs, Gustavo Garcia and Gerald Heydenreich. Today BuyVIP is a truly European company with more than 200 employees with subsidiaries in Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Netherlands. BuyVIP recently won the acclaimed Red Herring Top 100 award.

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